Kindred at Home uses hospice software from DeVero

Kindred Hospice Standardizes on DeVero

Home health and hospice care are not one and the same. The services delivered are much different, as is the clinical documentation required. So relying on the same vendor to supply both a home health and hospice electronic medical records (EMR) was never really regarded as ideal.
This school of thought, however, came under scrutiny when Kindred at Home acquired 150 hospice locations from Gentiva in 2015. When the inked dried on the deal, the Louisville-based provider had a variety of disparate financial hospice systems at play in its 179 hospice locations. …

Kindred at Home case study regarding home health software from DeVero

Kindred at Home Consolidates on DeVero

It is quite possible that nothing like this has ever happened before. Gentiva Home Healthcare, one of the largest agencies in the nation, rolled out a new clinical point-of-care software system to all 264 branches in 10 weeks. Even more remarkable, from the project’s beginning in September through today, the organization has experienced no productivity decline…

Home health therapy software case study


FeldCareConnects (formerly WellCareConnects) provides in-home therapy services for all ages, and provides Therapy Staffing to agencies across the West Coast. Through partnerships with hundreds of home health agencies, the Westlake Village, California-based company has provided physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and dietary services for more than 12,000 patients since 2013.

With consistency in patient care held paramount, Feld Care Connects has strict demands for all of its systems. Electronic records allow for a high volume of extremely accurate clinical documentation, communication, and coordination.

“Having our therapists document care on paper and then fax or email it back to our central office and then to the referring home care agencies is not only an inconvenience, it is simply not viable. With our volume of patients, manual processes simply don’t work,” said Randi Peled, founder and CEO of the innovative care organization.

Enterprise Home Health Software Case Study

Evolution Health

Evolution Health, an Envision Healthcare company, is changing the way healthcare is delivered. Evolution Health is a care coordination and transitional care management solution that helps reduce gaps in care, enhance patient experience and improve overall financial performance.   Evolution Health offers healthcare where and when patients need it using physician-led, inter-professional care teams who provide 24/7 clinical support.

Through mergers and acquisitions, the organization has grown to be one of the largest post-acute care providers in the country over the past several years. However, it has done so while staying true to its mission: to continuously improve the value of healthcare — across the continuum and for all stakeholders — through innovation, collaboration and excellence. A look at how the burgeoning organization is simultaneously achieving its altruistic patient care goals and its more pragmatic business growth objectives illustrates just how important it is for post-acute care providers to select and fully leverage information systems that can move them forward on both fronts.

Home Health software case study

Tender Care Home Health

When Ann Rodriguez-McConnell, RN, started her own home care agency in 2006, she was ready to do things right. As such, she knew that she could not rely on paper to run the organization but instead would need to leverage advanced technology.

“Before starting Tender Care Home Health, I had been working in home health for 15 years. I had worked with many agencies that were run on paper and it really was very inefficient. Some of the biggest problems stemmed from the fact that it often took a long time for the nurses to turn documentation in. With
a paper system, it was also difcult to keep tabs on the quality of care being delivered,” Rodriguez-McConnell said. “I decided that my new agency would need to be run with an electronic medical records system.”