CASE STUDY: Evolution Health Trusts DeVero as  Partner in Clinician Satisfaction

Evolution Health, an Envision Healthcare company, is changing the way healthcare is delivered. Evolution Health is a care coordination and transitional care management solution that helps reduce gaps in care, enhance patient experience and improve overall financial performance.   Evolution Health offers healthcare where and when patients need it using physician-led, interprofessional care teams who provide 24/7 clinical support.

Enterprise Home Health Software Case Study

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Through mergers and acquisitions, the organization has grown to be one of the largest post-acute care providers in the country over the past several years. However, it has done so while staying true to its mission: to continuously improve the value of healthcare — across the continuum and for all stakeholders — through innovation, collaboration and excellence. A look at how the burgeoning organization is simultaneously achieving its altruistic patient care goals and its more pragmatic business growth objectives illustrates just how important it is for post-acute care providers to select and fully leverage information systems that can move them forward on both fronts.

Supporting the vision
Indeed, choosing the right electronic medical records (EMR) system played an important role in the success of Gem City –a home care agency that is now a part of Evolution Health.  When the Dayton, Ohio-based organization, which was still operating as an independent entity at the time, implemented DeVero’s electronic medical records (EMR) solution back in 2009, leaders did so because they wanted a system that would support their passion for patient care. More specifically, they wanted a solution that would enable them to differentiate their home care business by focusing on delivering the best clinical care possible.

“The leaders at Gem City were nurses building their business with an emphasis on care management. They truly wanted to empower caregivers to do the jobs that they are trained to do,” said Kat Zinsman, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at DeVero.

Clinicians at heart, these leaders realized they needed an EMR that would help them pursue this mission. As such, when they started assessing their options, they quickly ruled out all the EMRs that limited their clinical autonomy by dictating care processes and management through formal and rigid decision trees. Instead, they elected to go with the DeVero EMR because it empowers clinicians to support the case management model.  In essence, the system allows caregivers to deliver care based on their understanding of best practices, instead of forcing them to follow a predetermined list of tasks.  At the same time, DeVero’s functionality allows for unwanted variation in clinical documentation by offering a uniform clinical template for documentation.

What’s more, the system makes it easy for clinicians to document care, giving them more time to focus on actual care delivery. Caregivers can move around the system “at will.” For example, they can enter a blood pressure reading at any time.  In other decision-tree based systems, clinicians might have to fill out pages of demographic information and check off various items before being allowed to enter the reading.

“The DeVero system provides a platform that makes it easier for clinicians to do their jobs. It is truly an electronic version of a paper form. So, you don’t have to process through multiple screens to enter information,” said Heather Butler, Clinical Applications Manager at Evolution Health. “When clinicians are not focusing all of their time on documentation in a computer program, then they can focus on what really matters. And, that is giving patients the best care possible.”

The solution also provides easy access to much needed clinical information.

“We do a lot of 24-by-7, 365-days-a-year, unplanned care. So, we may have documented a physician outpatient encounter somewhere within the enterprise for a patient, as well as multiple home health episodes. And, if we get a call at 2 a.m., we will then have the information needed to ideally prevent an emergency room visit or a hospitalization.  The nurse navigators are able to log in and see specific information from across the enterprise that helps them make the best clinical decisions,” said Gresham Bayne, VP of IT.

The DeVero system also is helping Evolution Health to improve patient care across service lines. In addition to supporting optimal care delivery in home care agencies, DeVero is now enabling Evolution to deliver patient centric care across the entire care continuum from primary care to post-acute care. For example, a patient might have received care in the home on multiple occasions and could then have an outpatient encounter in a clinic.  With the DeVero EMR in place, clinicians can access the information from all of these care episodes.

Supporting the growth
The EMR not only supports Evolution’s vision to transform the delivery of healthcare, it also is helping the organization to expand as a business and strengthen its position in a dynamic, competitive, post-acute care market.  .

Fortunately, DeVero provides exactly what’s needed to support strategic growth. Indeed, the solution has emerged as the system of choice throughout the organization’s evolution.  For example, after Gem City was acquired by Guardian in 2012, all of the Guardian home care agencies moved from the system they were using to the DeVero system. And, when Guardian was purchased by Evolution in early 2013 and entered into a joint venture with Ascension Health at Home, all of the home health and hospice agencies once again adopted the DeVero platform.

The DeVero EMR is capable of supporting all this growth because it:

Can be rolled out quickly. The DeVero system is so simple to use and can be accessed on any device.  It’s easy to deploy the system quickly. “We actually rolled out 15 agencies in just two months, when we expanded. It was an initiative handed down to us by executive leadership. So, it was a pretty tight timeline but because of the nature of the system and because we were able to train everyone within one week, we were able to succeed,” Butler said.

Offers the flexibility to be applied in many markets.  “We are a fast growing company and managing user licenses is no fun and difficult to scale. DeVero has a flexible platform that allows us, as a large enterprise, to manage multiple state regulations and time zones, as well as cross functional service lines across the continuum of care. DeVero is a technology partner that is as nimble as we are,” Bayne said.

Adapts to unique business opportunities. “As we grow, we are presented with unique business opportunities or contracts that require us to treat some patients differently than others.  With DeVero, we have a user interface and the ability to capture those specific requirements,” Bayne said. “Every few weeks we’re entering a new market, leveraging a new opportunity, taking care of a new patient population. DeVero is that flexible tool that we can put in the hands of any clinical provider to help each patient get healthier and live a better life.”

Overall, the DeVero system has enabled Evolution Health to continue to expand its post-acute care business while still focusing keenly on delivering the best patient care.  As such, patients and providers are experiencing greater levels of satisfaction – making it possible for the organization to not only experience greater success but to feel good about it.


Evolution Health: At a Glance

Organizational Overview

Evolution Health is a care coordination and transitional care management solution that helps reduce gaps in care, enhance patient experience and improve overall financial performance. The company offers healthcare where and when patients need it using physician-led, interprofessional care teams who provide 24/7 clinical support. Evolution is a division of Envision Healthcare, Greenwood Village, Colo.

Home care solution

Evolution Health’s quality home health services are provided through our family of home care agencies branded locally in the communities and organizations served.  They provide comprehensive traditional home health services reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers or can provide custom solutions to health plans, hospital partners or value-based care models.

According to recent statistics, more than 35 million people are discharged from inpatient care each year, making the home the fastest growing healthcare setting in the U.S. Evolution Health’s home care solutions are an integral part of the Evolution Health care delivery strategy and are designed to meet this growing demand.

By employing the best clinicians and placing them in the home setting, we uniquely bridge gaps in care to promote patient wellness, reduce avoidable hospital readmissions and rehabilitate those at their most vulnerable times.

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