CASE STUDY: Kindred at Home Deploys DeVero

After acquiring Gentiva, Kindred looks to support coordinated care, provide actionable intelligence and enhance growth with a consolidated home health and hospice software system

When two organizations come together, it’s pretty easy to tap into the power that is inherent in numbers. Simplicity, however, is much harder to come by. Kindred at Home leaders knew that they would have to achieve both if they truly wanted to reap the benefits of consolidating their disparate software systems.

Kindred at Home case study regarding home health software from DeVero

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When Kindred acquired Gentiva in February of 2015, the new organization had become the largest diversified provider of post-acute care services in the United States, operating transitional care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation centers, home health, hospice care and assisted living facilities.  While leaders realized that the organization’s size could quickly bring synergies, they also acknowledged that it would be difficult to move forward with the complicated array of software systems that were in place.

Unfortunately, things had become down-right messy. At the time of the acquisition, Gentiva was using DeVero’s point-of-care software with its own back office financial system in 264 home health branches. Gentiva’s approximately 150 hospice locations were using financial software from a separate vendor while field staff continued to document on paper. Meanwhile, Kindred Hospice locations were using an entirely different software vendor.

“The desire for any diversified healthcare provider is to have a common software platform,” said Brandon Ballew, COO at Kindred at Home. Indeed, consolidation of systems is commonly associated with a variety of advantages including process efficiency; better visibility into data; significant IT cost savings; and increased opportunities for innovation.

So, Ballew along with other leaders, set out to create some order out of this chaos. The goal?  To consolidate home health and hospice care under one unified system.  The system selected had to support the extremely high volume of Kindred users, patients, and transactions without degradation. It also had to be very easy to use in order to train thousands of Kindred clinicians in a timely manner. The deployment to a large number of Kindred offices across the country had to be done rapidly in order not to disupt Kindred’s business and cash flow.

Devero’s cloud-based healthcare platform was the obvious choice for the job as it had already earned high marks among staff and leaders at Gentiva.

“Staff had told us that the DeVero software had improved their workflow so much. They were finally getting their documentation done in a timely manner,” Ballew said. Users also lauded the software for its ability to support optimal and preferred workflows.

In addition, the software’s reputation for a quick and trouble free deployment preceded it. In fact, the ease of implementation was proven when Gentiva rolled out the DeVero system to 264 homecare agencies and more than 12,600 users during a 10-week period in 2013. Such deployments typically take several years to complete and cause significant disruptions.

The chosen one

With the advantages recognized by the organization’s leadership, the choice to consolidate all operations under DeVero was an easy one. So, once the acquisition was finalized on February 1, 2015, Kindred began to move its paper forms onto DeVero’s electronic solution. In a 10-week period from September through November, Kindred deployed DeVero to 179 hospice locations. By the end of the 10 weeks, 6,200 employees had mastered the new software.

With this implementation, all of Kindred’s home health and hospice units are operating under the DeVero system.  As such, the organization is now able to leverage this consolidated information system to:

Turn data into actionable intelligence. With data in one system, it can easily be transformed from idle information to actionable intelligence. “You can analyze and begin to evaluate this information in ways you couldn’t if it was locked away in separate databases,” Gordon says. “With DeVero, the data becomes a true asset. You’ve got transparency to that information.”

Support future growth. Because the software is so flexible – and can be adapted to meet evolving needs, Kindred at Home can confidently grow its business while using the DeVero system. “We have a great relationship and partnership with DeVero,” Ballew said. “As our business grows, DeVero will be able to support and help us move forward. We’re always looking at different business lines that we may want to explore and we expect that DeVero will be able to be a partner in helping us achieve our goals.”

Reproducible Rapid Deployment

Market Time Frame Number of Locations Number of States Number of Users
Homecare 10 weeks 264 38 12,600
Hospice 10 weeks 179 38 6,200

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