CASE STUDY: Kindred Deploys DeVero to 176 Hospice Locations

Hospice providers have known for years that it’s less than ideal to rely on a home health EMR software vendor to as a solution for managing end-of-life programs.

This school of thought, however, came under scrutiny when Kindred at Home acquired 150 hospice locations from Gentiva in 2015. When the ink dried on the deal, the Louisville-based provider had two hospice systems at play in its combined 179 hospice locations. In addition to this lack of standardization, the majority of clinical staff in the field continued to document their care on paper.

Kindred at Home uses hospice software from DeVeroBrandon Ballew, COO of Kindred at Home, realized that it was important to move all of the organization’s hospice care locations to a single platform — and get off of paper documentation. As they weighed their options, he kept thinking back to 2013 when the organization rolled out DeVero’s healthcare platform to its 264 home health agencies in just 10 weeks.  He wanted to replicate this experience in all of the organization’s hospice locations.

“The software deployment at all of our home health locations back in 2013 went really, really well,” Ballew recalled. “With the need to get hospice business on an electronic system, I kept thinking that it would be great if our organization could have a similar go-live and implementation experience.”

Road less traveled
After considering various options from a variety of vendors with offerings developed specifically for hospice care, Kindred executives bucked the prevailing wisdom and decided to implement a cloud-based solution from DeVero, the same vendor that supplied its home health system. The software is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of care settings. It is also scalable to support the growing Kindred at Home organization.

In a 10-week period from September through November 2015, Kindred at Home deployed the DeVero system to 179 hospice locations. By the end of the year, 6,200 Kindred Hospice employees had mastered the new software (see chart).

“We did what would have taken three to four years with most companies in less than three months,” Ballew said.

“Because DeVero adapts to match the same forms that people are used to, the processes are very similar. We just made it electronic using the DeVero system. It really helped make it a very simple implementation,” Ballew said.

Kindred was able to roll out the solution in six “waves” during the 10 week period.  During each of these waves, the EMR was implemented at as many as 75 hospice locations on the same day. Each of these implementations was remotely supported by six DeVero staff.

“You can go live with 75 office locations around the country on the same day, with no loss of revenue, no loss in productivity,” said Evelyn Keegan-Wright, vice president of project management at DeVero .  “That’s the big advantage to this product.  It really allows for that speedy, effective roll-out process.”

Reproducible Rapid Deployment

Market Time Frame Number of Locations Number of States Number of Users
Homecare 10 weeks 264 38 12,600
Hospice 10 weeks 179 38 6,200


Long-term value
The quick implementation is just the beginning. Kindred expects to reap a variety of benefits as its hospice caregivers continue to leverage DeVero’s platform.  For example, the solution provides documentation for the entire care team, including the HIS (Hospice Item Set), tools to manage IDG/IDT meetings, level of care and location of care management, as well as integration with 3rd party solutions such as pharmacy benefit management and predictive analytics.

“With DeVero, we are able to look at changes after the dust has settled.  We are able to examine our processes, identify where we would like to improve and then DeVero can quickly make the changes based on our recommendations,” Ballew said. “As a result, we fully expect to make significant improvements in workflow, care delivery – and ultimately the quality of care delivered.”

To learn more, visit the DeVero solution for Hospice page