Free Webinar: 5-Stars in Home Health: Not Good Enough for the Long Haul

Tuesday, November 7th, 2:00PM Eastern / 11:00AM Pacific

5-Stars in Home Health: Not Good Enough for the Long Haul

We say we understand the needs of health systems and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) seeking to improve quality and reduce cost for defined populations. But, when it comes to getting in the game, home care agencies who want to make a big hit need to examine and improve their ability to add value. This session will identify key steps to bring success to your organization in the new reimbursement landscape (including the proposed HHGM) in collaboration with providers managing populations. Discussion will include incentives that drive decisions by health systems and ACOs, as well as factors to consider for effective participation with bundled payment programs, narrow networks and other payment models.

Learning Objectives

  • Review payment models and new reimbursement trends, including incentives that drive health systems and ACOs
  • Identify key benchmarks to evaluate and understand agency costs — data service utilization
  • Show ways to maximize pay-for-performance reimbursement
  • Evaluate processes, systems and teams to support chronic care and disease management, reduce out-migration by patients, and identify early opportunities for utilization reductions
  • Consider the benefits and challenges associated with care delivery partnerships and collaboration
  • Identify opportunities to improve your agency’s reporting and monitoring of data to demonstrate value, compliance and efficiency to health systems, ACOs and other collaborators

Join us November 7th, 2017 at 2:00PM ET / 11:00AM PT to learn more

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Michael McGowan

President and Founder of OperaCare, LLC.

Michael McGowan is a former State/CMS Region IX OASIS coordinator and president of OPERACARE. Based in Albuquerque, the company utilizes proactive OASIS analytics to exploit the entirety of PPS system, establish financial predictability, minimize ADR’s & Audit risks, and monitor OASIS outcomes.   The company’s remote monitoring services mimic Intermediaries and audit contractor’s activities to quantify your risks and validate the care you deliver.

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