Free Webinar: Homecare and hospice agencies and HIPAA,

who would have thunk it!

Tuesday, September 12th, 2:00PM Eastern / 11:00AM Pacific

Learn about the risks you and your agency, are facing, many that you likely don’t know about!

  • Skagit County Washington – 1,481 record of payments exposed online
  • Los Angeles California Dept. of Health –  342,000 records; for insufficient technical safeguards
  • Lee County Solid Waste Division  – 483,000 records exposed by improper disposal
  • Denton County, TX – 874 records on a stolen jump drive
  • Community Action Partnership of Natrona County, WY – 15,000 records stolen rom a malware infection

Come hear nationally renowned HIPAA expert Roger Shindell, based on his years of experience working with homecare and hospice agencies, Roger will share with you what he has learned about the risks you are facing, many that you likely don’t know about.  After defining the HIPAA lay-of-the-land, Roger will guide you through the process assessing the ability of your security and privacy plan to protect you from the fallout from a breach.

Roger will guide you through the process of assessing where you are in the compliance continuum.  Remember, compliance is not a point but rather a journey.

Come learn:

  • Why your training will not pass regulatory scrutiny
  • How your business associates are putting you at risk
  • Why you need to conduct a vulnerability scan
  • How your policies and procedures are failing you

Plus much, much more.

Finally Roger will provide you with actionable information you can take back to your agency to implement.

As an Added Bonus, All attendees Receive:

  • Certificate of Completion for One Hour of HIPAA Training that will pass regulatory scrutiny.
  • A complementary Policy and Procedure to guide you on defining your compliance program.

Join us Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 at 2:00PM ET / 11:00AM PT to learn more

Featured Speakers

Roger Shindell, MS, CHPS, CISA
President | Carosh Compliance Systems

Roger Shindell, MS, CHPS, CISA, is chief executive of Carosh Compliance Solutions, Crown Point, IN, which specializes in HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance consulting for small to midsize practices and their business associates. Shindell currently is the Chair of the HIMSS Risk Assessment Work Group, a Director of the Indiana State Chapter of HIMSS, and sits on the American Health Information Management Association’s (“AHIMA”) Privacy and Security Council. Shindell has more than 30 years of multidisciplinary experience and has served both an advisor and principal in a number of healthcare technology, and service companies. He may be reached at

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