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The key to better outcomes is better collaboration, which means interdisciplinary communication is a must. With remote staff, this can be challenging, and compliance is at risk if they are text messaging- Text messages containing protected health information (PHI) can be read by anyone and forwarded to anyone, remaining un-encrypted on carriers’ servers while staying on phones forever. The answer is integrated Secure Communication from DeVero.

Real-Time Communication. Improved Outcomes.

Powered by TigerText™, the leader in secure, real-time messaging for the healthcare enterprise, Secure Communication™ sends encrypted messages from the DeVero EHR application to any device, enabling your care team to perform more timely interventions to improve patient outcomes. Conversations can be stored in the patient’s record, ensuring all care team members have access to the information.

Now with Chart Chat

Care team group chats will revolutionize collaboration at your healthcare at home agency, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring the best in patient-centric communication.

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laptop, tablet and smart phone

Text, Voice, Image, or Video Messaging

Everywhere you need it: inside the DeVero EHR, on your mobile device, or desktop. Messaging one-on-one or in groups; patient or team centered.


Ensure sensitive data is protected with a channel that’s secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant.

Total Control

Maintain the total control you’re used to in DeVero- You know who has read your messages, and when they were received.

Secure Communication

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