Six Reasons Top Healthcare at Home Companies Switched to DeVero

number 1

Be ready for the transformation


Why get stuck with an inflexible software solution? Take part in the transformation that is taking place in healthcare today.  DeVero’s flexible platform uses the forms your clinical staff is familiar with while maintaining your workflow, business rules, and reporting requirements. At its core is a highly adaptable data collection engine that is used for home health, hospice, pediatrics, mobile physicians, government agencies, and even payor healthcare models. Beyond forms, our standard tools and functions combined with robust interoperability through API’s give DeVero customers the ability to quickly adapt.
number 2

Keep your clinicians happy

Ease of Use

Why complicate care?  We’ve removed the burden of learning software for your clinicians so they can focus on the care.  We’ve done that using an intuitive design and familiar ways to document – allowing clinicians to be productive within an hour of training.
ease of use
number 3

A Single Patient Record

Multi Service-Line Platform

Why use more than one software to support your growth? The DeVero platform generates an electronic chart that unifies documentation from all types of care, and even allows the upload of supporting documents to the patient chart . DeVero customers consolidate their operations on a single platform, and benefit from the simplicity of a unified electronic health record, enabling truly collaborative care.
devero platform
number 4

Move at the speed of healthcare

Speed of Deployment

Why wait a year or more to implement your software? The market is transforming and expanding while margins are shrinking. DeVero is leading the way by providing an easy-to-use solution that’s able to quickly roll out across service lines. Whether you’re seeking to unify all service lines under a single platform, deploy new service lines or newly acquired entities, DeVero has you covered. This isn’t just a claim – we’ve proven it.
deployment speed
number 6

Grow and consolidate


Is downtime and instability affecting your operations? DeVero built stability into our cloud-native architecture, and we did it on the secure AWS platform with the principles of reliability, performance, security, and compliance. DeVero enables nearly unlimited growth, supporting multiple locations across multiple geographical locations. With a proven platform that’s scalable enough to support the largest providers in the home health care and hospice industries, DeVero is the right choice for your growing operations.
devero scalability
number 7

Choose a partner, not a vendor

We’re More Than a Software Vendor, We’re a Partner

Since the beginning, we’ve listened and adapted our solution to meet the needs of growing providers. We back it up with Customer Success Managers and a US-Based Support Team that is committed to your success. It’s no wonder that most of our new customers were referred by existing customers.
DeVero partnership